In a contemporary life, the importance of having a company web-site for is out of question.

A web-site is not only a tool for information distribution among the stakeholders, but it has also attributed the functional significance and enables the company to offer additional online services to its customers

Helix Group is oriented on modern technologies. Our priority is to ensure high quality web-sites, with a user-friendly interface and multi-functional CMS.

We pay special attention to web-site safety and stability (reliability) issues. Our CMS is based on Microsoft technologies - ASPNET and MS SQL involving exceptional measures for safety.

We always gather detailed information from our clients in advance to provide the tailor-made products.

We offer a number of different services, that are necessary for the success in web-reality:

  • Development
    • Website Development
    • Software development
    • Mobile software development
  • Maintenance
    • Technical update
    • Design update
    • Content update